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Ballet Dancer in Mid-Air

Coastal Arts Academy

Full Weekly Schedule

Lacing Up Shoes

Fall Registration 2024/2025  now open!

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Our Programs

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 Dance Programs

Create. Dance . Live

Here at Coastal Arts Academy our goal is to offer the best dance training possible while keeping it fun with our family atmosphere. Our faculty members have a vast knowledge and understanding of movement and the benefits of dance. Dance is not only a great creative outlet it also helps improve mental abilities, lessen stress, and build confidence and discipline all while exercising and creating a healthy routine.  

Here at CAA we focus on a strong classical foundation for technique in all styles of dance.  

Happy Mother with her Child

Creative Movement

Does your little one like to move and groove ?


Join us for a mommy & me movement class. This class is a fun time with friends, music, and movement development for your child.

Adult Ballet Class

Adult Ballet

Adult Ballet is a fun way to exercise and find body connection.  This class is a good workout and tons of fun! 


Experience Art classes

Color Outside the Lines.

At Coastal Arts Academy, our art classes offer opportunities for kids to use all of their senses. Playing with various materials provides children with diverse tactile information which is important for little ones as they develop. In our art classes children will learn and grow while having fun with their friends in a creative environment.

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Mommy & Me ART 

Season Calendar

Check out our studio spirit days & our calendar complete with shows & holiday information.

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CAA Dress Code

Please check out our Dress Code for each level & style.

Tap Shoes

Fees & Policies 

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Fees & Policies


Please note all payments are non-refundable 

Registration Fee: $35.00


Private Fees:
- 30 MIN private – $ 40.00
- 45 MIN private – $ 50.00
- 60 MIN private – $ 60.00  

(Plus applicable GST)


Christmas Show Fees:

- $60.00 costume deposit fee per performance class

- Costume deposit fee due September 16th, 2024

- $15.00 video fee per family


June Show Fees:

- $60.00 deposit fee per performance class (payment must be made by January 1st or a $15.00 late fee will be attached)
- Costume deposit (estimate $60.00-$120.00 per performance class) due January 1st, 2025
- $25.00 prop fee per musical theatre and modern stage class

- $15.00 video fee per family


Other Fees:

Solo fee – $400.00 (includes 4 hours to set and clean choreography)
Duet fee – $200.00 per dancer (includes 4 hours to set and clean choreography)
Small Group fee – $150.00 per dancer (included 4 hours to set and clean choreography)
After 4 hours, additional charges will apply)

Guest solo / duet / trio will be at the price of the choreographer and with space rental fee if needed. 

Penalty Fees:

- Payments received after the due date will be subject to a penalty fee of $25.00/month late

- Returned cheques will be subject to a $50.00 service fee

- If a dancer is unable to attend one of the shows without a emergency or medical reason or gives less than a months notice, they will be charged a $100.00 re spacing fee. 



Tuition Policies:

- Accounts that are 30 days overdue will result in your dancer sitting out until account balance is paid up to date.

- No reduction in tuition for missed classes.

- Tuition is nonrefundable.   

- There are no discounts or refunds for classes that fall on a holiday, or classes your child misses due to illness

- All cash and cheque payments must be in handed in to front end staff in a enveloped labelled with students name and payment details

- We accept funding from Jumpstart, Kidsport and homeschool funding (no refunds)

- Auto-pay is required at time of registration through our portal. Auto-pay will process payments after 10 days of not receiving payment. Auto-pay does not charge your credit card on file if we have received payment via cash, cheque or etransfer prior to 10 days after payment due date

Class Withdrawal Policies

- If a dancer withdraws from the studio, tuition will still be charged for the entirety of the season (exceptions will be made for medical reasons with a doctor’s note.) 

Attendance Policies: 

- All dancers are expected to have outstanding attendance. Commitment is important for development and is extremely important as we near show time

- Children under 10 are not to be dropped off prior to class, and are to be picked up promptly after class. We do not always have staff available to supervise students in the lobby, as well as our lobby can become quite crowded

Class Cancelation Policies:
- Coastal Arts follows District 71 for all snow day closures.  Classes canceled due to snow days will be rescheduled if time permits. 

- There are no make-up classes for holidays, breaks, or weather cancellations

- The studio may be required to close due to unforeseen/extraordinary circumstances outside our control and switch to blended or full online classes. As tuition covers classes in studio, blended and online instruction, there will be no refunds, discounts or credits for a full schedule of class offered either in studio, blended or online.

- There will be no refunds, discounts, or credits in the case that a studio event or show is not able to occur 

Costume Policies: 

- Do not wash costumes in a washing machine. Consult Jessa before washing costume

2024/2025 Registration is Open June 25th ! Limited spaces in all classes. Make sure you register today to get the classes you want.


Class Rates: 

Tuition is based on an annual fee for our 10 month season. Upon registration you are holding a spot and committing to pay the monthly amount for the full season. Performance team classes include choreography fees for competition extra fees may apply for guest choreographers. Additional fees include; registration fee, costume fees and competition entry fees.

                                                         PROGRAM TUITION

1 classes $650.00/season or $65.00/month

2 classes $1250.00/season or $125.00/month

3 classes $1800.00/season or $180.00/month

4 classes $2300.00/season or $230.00/month

5 classes $2750.00/season or $275.00/month

6 classes $3150.00/season or $315.00/month

7 classes $3500.00/season or $350.00/month

8 classes $3800.00/season or $380.00/month

9+ classes $4050.00/season or $405.00/month


Registration fee is $35.00

Show DVD fee is $15.00 per show/per family


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Cedar arts combo

Ages 14 + **with permission for classes** INFO COMING JULY 1ST 

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