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2023/2024 Calendar

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CAA 2023/2024

September 1st - tuition due 

September 11th first day of classes 

October 1st - tuition due 

October 2nd – truth and reconciliation day closed.

October 9th Thanksgiving closed.

October 20th Pro D Day 

November 1st - tuition due 

November 11th Remembrance Day closed.

 November 17 or 25th – Olaf’s Christmas adventure show Sid Williams 

December 1st - tuition due 

December 25th -January 5th winter break closed.

January 1st - tuition due 

January 8th - first day back from winter break

February 1st - tuition due 

February 16th Pro D Day 

 February 19th Family Day closed.

March 1st - tuition due 

March 18th – 29th spring break closed.

March 29th – Good Friday closed. 

April 1st - tuition due 

April 1st – Easter Monday closed. 

April 2nd - first day back from spring break

May 1st - tuition due 

May 20th - Victoria Day closed.

June 1st - tuition due 

June 22 or 29th TBA show @ Sid Williams

June 26th – Last day 

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